Laura Lis

Art to wear

Laura Lis Design springs from the desire to present the public with unique, yet affordable pieces of jewellery, linking the sometimes-abstract world of contemporary art to daily life.
Departing from artistic inspiration, Laura Lis Design aims to bring the general public closer to the rich Cuban and international art panorama through jewellery that frees the inner personality of its wearer, as well as proving that art coexists with everyday life.
Laura Lis Design transfers to her pieces the concepts and techniques from which art movements nourish. Jewellery thus becomes a new canvas, offering art to wear.

Laura Lis El Proyecto
Laura Lis El Proyecto

Through her pieces, Laura Lis Design invites to play, to have fun with shapes, to create unique combinations, giving free rein to their imagination and creativity, showing that, at the end of it all, the world and life are made of infinite possibilities.