Nana mini

#Mini earring


Earring made of 925 Silver bathed in yellow gold of 24 carats. It has three square shapes moving around a central white pearl. Light sensation of movement when wearing it.

Material: 925 Silver and Yellow Gold 24 c.
Measures: 55x30mm
Weight: 8 gr
Colour: Yellow gold
Finish: Matt

Each earring is sold individually. To have the pair, please select two units.

This piece is available in silver colour upon request. Please contact us.

Out of stock

Learn to take care of your jewel

Our pieces mean sculptural jewellery. As such, you have a very special piece in your hands. Here you will find some easy tips to maximise the life of your jewels.

General care

To clean your pieces properly, do not use bleaching products, chemicals, abrasives or ammonia. Instead, it is better to soak the jewel in tepid water with some mild soap for a minute. Then, rinse it clean and use a soft brush to avoid scratching the surface. Dry the piece with a soft cloth, leaving no wet traces. Last, store the piece back again in its box.

To prevent any unwanted breakages and deformations, always hold your pieces by its strongest areas, avoiding those that are mostly suspended on air, when putting on, taking off or cleaning your jewels. Avoid exposing your jewellery to too much light and heat, since they can damage your pieces and its beauty may fade.

Specific care

Keep in its box

To clean your piece, carefully separate each element with movement and use a soft cloth with no product. If the piece slightly loses its geometrical shape or its structure, gently press the tip of your fingers on the piece so with light touches you return it to its original form.

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