Laura Lis

Color Luz

Color Luz means evolution, from the technical, visual and emotional perspective. It is conceived as a kind of rebirth, a metaphor of coming back to life when winter gives way to spring and summer.

It continues to play and experiment with geometrical shapes, combining them so they abstractly evoke living elements we find in nature, like flowers, plants, insects, that remain hidden during the winter and sprout and bloom in the spring and summer.

Color Luz is a symbol of coming back to life, regaining happiness and light following a dark period. That is why the collection is conceived as an explosion of color that empowers our look, mood and spirit to awake and highlight the happiness, joy and light we all have within.

Color Luz’s inspiration comes again from art, a distinguishing trait of Laura Lis Design.
It takes the baton from the first collection, Asimetrica, turning to basic geometrical lines and colours stemming from concrete art, but giving them a twist, taking them a step further. Color Luz is the result of experimenting with the circle, the square and the triangle and progressing to more complex forms, like the oval. It thus creates eloquent but balanced shape combinations.

Color Luz is also a leap to another level in terms of colour. It enters new chromatic combinations, leaving behind the original Asimetrica colours (red, blue and black) to present pieces in different shades and combinations to bring out different moods. The idea behind Color Luz is to serve as a colour palette that keeps changing during the life of the collection, so pieces are limited editions.

Materials and Technique

In this collection, brass, shaped using the kser cut technoque, is used as the base for each piece. Then a gold coating is applied to attain a lovely golden finish touch. In earrings, silver is used in the stick. All pieces are subject to a hypoallergenic treatment to avoid any adverse reactions on the skin.

The color is achieved by means of cold enamels and they are placed manually with great care to achieve the best results.

The finishing of each piece is achieved individually by hand with a high dose of love, due to the complexity, not apparent, of each piece.