Laura Lis


Asymmetric is defined as sculptural jewelry inspired by the universe of concrete and kinetic art.

This collection is about liberation, daring, the search for new challenges and joy. It is conceived for each person to choose their own asymmetry, in a way that is fun and unique, mixing sizes, geometric shapes and color.

Photographs by Leandro Feal


In this collection, only 925 sterling silver and 24 carat gold baths are used exclusively.

The color is achieved by means of cold enamels and they are placed with great care to achieve the best results.

The finishing of each piece is achieved with a high dose of love, due to the complexity, not apparent, of each piece.


For the presentation of each piece, Asimétrica has the collaboration of the artist Ugo Martínez Lázaro for the creation of unique cases that reflect the personality of the collection.

DIANA FUENTES with Asimétrica

“Asimetrica is a genuine, daring, elegant and current collection. It is a collection of small-size works of art you may carry with you; they are unique, in the same way the women of our time are unique.”

Photographs by Alejandro Cayetano