Laura Lis

Laura Lis

"Nothing in life comes easy. Do not give up and fight for your dreams."

Laura Lis was born in Havana, Cuba, on 5 July 1983. From an early age she channels her energy and dynamism through the sea and sports, but an unfortunate injury dashes her sport career. Her life capsizes and it’s time to look for new challenges and horizons.

She finds them living between Havana and Madrid, she steeps herself in the culture of their streets and their different artistic trends and starts linking her life with the world of Art. Little by little she spells out the greatness of this discipline and its variations. She feels particularly attracted by movements such as kinetic, concrete and abstract art, which leads her to start collaborating with the Cuban Art Foundation.

Around 2015 she realises she is not just a spectator and starts drawing her first sketches and creating the models of the small jewel sculptures that she now presents to the world. She longs to create jewels inspired in the world of art that has captivated her and she turns her ideas into a reality.

2017 is the year of her debut as a jeweller at the Lalabeyou art school in Madrid and she publicly shows her first collection Asimétrica, in the captivating city of Havana. For such an occasion she collaborates with the also Cuba artist Leandro Feal, whose photography capture the essence of Laura Lis’ jewels. She keeps growing the collection until 2020 adding new designs. Her first collection attains public attention and is welcomed in the sector and the media and several pieces appear in different editorial and tv collaborations.

In 2019 she takes part in the Havana Bienal (Cuba) in an event rendering homage to concrete art. For her show she displays new sculptural jewellery designs inspired in art pieces by Pedro de Oráa.

In 2020 she is invited to participate in the 4th Exhibition of modern silversmithing and jewellery, organised by Modern Jewellery and Silversmithing Association (AdOC) and the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas (MNAD, National Museum of Decorative Arts), an event included in the agenda of the Madrid Design Festival 2020.

Laura Lis truly believes that dreams are to be pursued, and that hard work leads to their attainment. She continues training herself in the use of new techniques and materials. She is always searching for inspiration for her creations in the world of art, never letting go of that course.

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